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International relations


Joniškis cooperates with Alūksne municipality since 1992. The cooperation agreement was signed in 2012 July 7. Cultural exchanges and visits by official delegations are taking place. Dance groups actively communicate.

AUCE Latvia

Joniškis cooperates with Auce municipality. The cooperation agreement was signed in 2014 February 16 In Joniškis. Communication has been going on for quite some time, and friendships have been developing for about 10 years.

DOBELE Latvija

Joniškis cooperates with Dobele municipality. Cooperation since 1992. The contract was signed in 2003 November 18 In Dobele, renewed and signed in 2011 July 2 in Joniškis.


The cooperation agreement was signed in 2017 May 19 in Jelgava.

KONIN Poland

Joniškis communicates with the Polish city Konin. Letter of intent was signed in 2009 May. A cooperation agreement was signed in 2018 June 30 during the Joniškis City Day celebration.


2019 July 6 During the Joniškis City Day celebration, the Mayor of Novoselica (Republic of Ukraine) Marija Nikorič and the Mayor of Joniškis District (Republic of Lithuania) Vitalijus Gailius signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement with the city of Novoselica provides for the promotion and development of mutually beneficial cooperation in the fields of culture, education, sports, art, health, social assistance, tourism, youth exchanges, environmental protection, heritage, economic exchanges and other common interests, strengthening mutual understanding and friendship between nations. . For several years now, the municipalities of Joniškis district and Novoselica have been cooperating informally, sharing experience. Friendship was strengthened by signing the cooperation agreement.

UNGHENI Republic of Moldova

A Letter of intent was signed during the Ungheni City Festival in 2013 August 31. A cooperation agreement was signed during the Joniškis City Day celebration in 2016 July 2.

VÕRU Estonia

A cooperation protocol was signed in August 21 2009 in the Võru city. A cooperation agreement was signed in 2010 July 3.


Joniškis twin city in Sweden is Vimmerby. Cooperation since 1993. The cooperation agreement was signed in 2002. July 6 In Joniškis. Since 1994 every year one representative of Joniškis studies at the folk school in Vimerby. The project is funded by the Municipality of Vimmerby and the Vimmerby Rotary Clubs. 1998-2004 3 bilateral projects completed. 2004-2005 the fourth bilateral project took place. Charity shipments were received to the people of the district every year. Former Mayor of Vimmerby Bengt Johansson 1997 awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Joniškis.

Cooperation agreement. In preparation for accession to the European Union and in order to receive support from European funds, on 6 July 2002 During the Joniškis city festival, a twinning agreement was signed between the municipalities. Until then, no written cooperation agreement had been concluded.

Support. Every year Joniškis receives support shipments from Vimerby. All incoming items are intended for Joniškis district schools, medical and social institutions, and residents of elderships. Bengt Johansson, an honorary citizen of Joniškis, the former mayor of Vimmerby, is a great contributor to this. 2002 In February, a hearse was donated to the Joniškis utility farm. In 2003 the Joniškis Wind Orchestra for the first time took part in a charity concert organized by two Vimerby Rotary clubs. Funds raised during this concert were intended for projects with Joniškis.


Joniškis communicates with the German city Sulingen. Cooperation since 1998. The cooperation agreement was signed in 2000 November 10 in Sulingen. Joint projects are not yet underway. In 2003 the municipality of Sulingen assisted  in purchasing a garbage truck. In the same year a fire truck with equipment was donated to the Joniškis Fire Service. Alfred Franzkeit, a German citizen, pastor, poet and translator awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Joniškis in 2002.