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Joniskis eldership


  Eldership center – Joniškis town 

  Larger settlements – Jakiškiai, Kalnelis, Linkaičiai

The Joniskis Eldership is located in the central part of the Joniskis district. Joniskis town is it's centre with an area of 9,994.2 hectares. There are 13,689 residents in the Joniskis Eldership and 11,168 in Joniskis town. The territory of the Eldership is cut by part of the highway VIA-HANSA. There are three village medical dispensaries, two village branches of the Joniskis district Municipality’s Jonas Avyzius public library and a branch of the post office.

1,378 farmers have their farms in the Eldership. There are six individual enterprises, two wood processing ones, four closed joint-stock companies, a cafeteria and a hotel. Self-government of residents is firmly established in the Eldership, as there is a public Eldership Council and there are four strong village communities.

The most distinctive historical site is Kalnelis village in conjunction with the  historic sources of the town of Joniskis. Historical and cultural heritage sites include the castle mound of Sidabre, a hillock in Kalnelis village associated with the legendary Zemgalian battle with the Livonian Order, the cruciform chapel in Kalnelis, the Maironiai village chapel, the Jakiskiai village manor house and the cemetery of the World War II prisoners-of-war in Jakiskiai village.