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Budget office
Joniškis district municipality 
Data is collected and stored
in the Register of Leagal Entities
Code 288712070
Livonijos st. 4, 84124 Joniškis
Phone (8 426)  69 142 
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    In 1937 Education Minister established the library with a public reading room in Joniškis. The library was located on two rooms in a building at the A. Smetona (nowadays Livonijos) street. Opening of a library was significant fact in cultural and historical ways of city history.

    In May 2004 public library was named Jonas Avyžius – famous lithuanian writer.

    Library mission – allow the district community to read and search for information using traditional resources and modern technology. It is an area of information, educational and cultural center for self-education.

    Library vision – attractive and convenient place to work, learn, educate, relax, library which responds to public needs for reading and search for information.


    Vilniaus str. 3, LT – 84147, Joniškis Director: Jovita Šimkevičiūtė Tel:  +370 426 51 258 Tel./fax. +370 426 51 258 e-mail: jvb@joniskis.rvb.lt

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    Kodas 288712070
    Livonijos g. 4, 84124 Joniškis
    Tel. (8 426)  69 142
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